Agricultural Livelihoods

We are committed to helping people build a better life from planet-positive agriculture in East Africa and India.

Farming is one of the world’s most important professions—yet most smallholder farmers in East Africa and India are living in poverty. They are trapped by global markets that do not value them and held back by agri-food systems that promote quantity over quality, driving them to produce monocrops for low prices. This is destroying the natural resources and valuable ecosystems that farmers depend on.

Our exploitative and extractive agricultural systems damage the land, deplete the soil, pollute water supplies and contribute to extreme weather. Farmers are working harder for less and, with the chances of earning a decent living from agriculture ever more insecure, people often see no future for themselves in rural areas.

But the world’s growing population needs to be fed. This is only possible if we take care of the land and the soil so it can produce nutritious food, support productive farms and sustain healthy communities and economies.

We have a stark choice when it comes to farmers. We can stand by and watch as their opportunities to earn a living dwindle to nothing, leading to even more global inequality, poverty, food shortages, illness, political instability and migration.

Or we can stand alongside them, valuing the vital work they do and helping them build a better life from planet-positive agriculture. In this way, farmers can earn a good income, support their families and become the leaders and food producers our world needs—now and in the future.

Challenges create opportunities. Limitations inspire innovations.

We think that agriculture is a great sector of growth and innovation, where farmers and entrepreneurs are the creators, change agents and leaders of the coming decades.

That’s why we want to regenerate the agricultural landscape. We believe farming and agricultural businesses should offer viable and noble career options that not only feed the world but also enable people to afford a better life for themselves and their families. Growing the world’s food should be something people aspire to do, not just for altruistic reasons but because it financially supports them, their families and their communities.

We need food systems that are fair, resilient and equitable—for people and the planet—to feed our growing global population and ensure a liveable planet for generations to come.

We focus on increasing agricultural productivity and profitability through testing, sharing and scaling up planet-positive farming methods. This means adopting regenerative and circular agricultural practices that restore biodiversity, return nutrients to the soil and minimise waste. At the same time, we want to include everyone who grows and produces food—women, men and young people—in the decisions that affect them. In this way, we help farmers improve their incomes while protecting the planet and making sure everyone has enough to eat.

We support people in rural communities to engage in collective action that drives forward the changes they need to make their aspirations a reality. We want to empower them to transform agriculture, drive solutions and lead a true global green revolution, where people and planet thrive together and where communities flourish.

We all depend on agriculture. We are committed to helping people grow their way to a healthier, more secure future for their families and our planet.

Photo above: UNHCR/Diana Diaz