Hear the story of how a dedicated group of people in Greece became HOME for child refugees

That’s the story you’ll hear IKEA Foundation COO Stelios Kyriakakis talk about with Home Project CEO Sofia Kouvelaki and special guest Amadou Diallo.

Sofia Kouvelaki is the Chief Executive Officer of The Home Project. She was the Program Manager of the Bodossaki Foundation Program for Unaccompanied Minors and inter alia, in charge of projects on Social Welfare Provision to socially vulnerable groups. She has worked at the UN and at UNICEF in the economic analysis and social policy division and as an Adviser and Researcher for the public and private sector in Greece.

The HOME Project is a non-profit organization set up to address the needs of refugee and migrant children, who arrive in Greece alone.

They move children from the streets, camps, police stations, detention centers and bring them to the safety of their HOMES. They provide them with support, protection, education and social integration services.

Good news update

We are happy to say that the Greek authorities granted asylum to Amadou Diallo in July 2020. Sofia Kouvelaki, director of The Home Project, said: “This is a positive step,” but she also noted that Amadou needs a residency permit and passport as soon as possible, so he can travel to France to start university. 

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What’s coming up?

Listen to George Marshall, the founding director of Climate Outreach, speak with Indra Heerkens, communications lead for our Climate Action Portfolio. George and Indra will talk about why it’s so important to reach everyone with the facts about climate change and how governments can engage and motivate the public.

The conversation will be live on 30 September at 4:00pm CET (11:00am EDT). You can ask George questions in the comments during the session, or watch the recording afterwards. We look forward to seeing you there!