Food: the hidden key to landscape restoration and a planet positive future?

That’s the question that IKEA Foundation Programme Manager Annelies Withofs spoke with Willem and Sharla about.

Willem Ferwerda is an ecologist. He started in the eco-tourism industry and led expeditions in Latin America and Europe. He has worked for international organisations like the IUCN and published 4 returns, 3 zones, 20 years: a holistic framework for ecological restoration by people and business for next generations. In April 2013 Ferwerda founded Commonland together with RSM-Erasmus University, IUCN CEM and support from funders.

He is now CEO of Commonland, an organization that is active worldwide in promoting sustainable development through the restoration of large degraded areas.

Sharla Halvorson is the Global Health & Sustainability Manager for Food at Inter IKEA Group.

Originally from the US, she has worked throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East, helping organizations develop and implement sustainability initiatives.

Sharla is responsible for driving IKEA Food’s global vision to become People and Planet positive.