A little bit but very important

On the third day of our trip, we visited Vulcana Pandele Preschool in Vulcana city. We were greeted with a warm welcome from the children and teachers by singing and dancing.

Let’s exercise!!! - by Kit Chesadawut
Let’s exercise!!! – by Kit Chesadawut

We had a short meeting with some mothers and teachers. One mother said it was hard for her to send her daughter to school because she is a single mum. When a teacher learned about her situation, which was a special case, then she supported her so it made a significant change in their lives.

“Hold my hand” - by Pang Kanokwan
“Hold my hand” – by Pang Kanokwan

After that they surprised us with a partner dressed in a beautiful traditional costume to accompany us during that time, and before we stepped into the school yard they offered us a traditional welcome bread. The school prepared another surprise performance to welcome us, preschool children doing gymnastic poses. Last but not least, we saw a series of traditional dances by higher grade students. “Bravo” was the word from us.

“Bravo” - by Anna Huang
“Bravo” – by Anna Huang

We have a lot of feelings now. Instead of saying a “big thank you” verbally, the school has appreciated the help from the IKEA Foundation through sharing real life examples, performances and allowing us to leave a message in the school memory book. The manager said, “On behalf of the community, I thank you for all the support we have been receiving, and it means a lot to us.”

“Many things to say” - by Hafis Ikmal
“Many things to say” – by Hafis Ikmal