A simple idea

It all started from a simple idea: to put a pencil sharpener next to the Ikea pencils in stores, so our customers could use them to the full length, instead of throwing them away and wasting materials.

The challenge was to present a project for a ‘sustainable idea’ that would bring economic, social and environmental benefits to the Ikea stores.

And my simple idea won!

Initially I thought the prize was a vacation!…but gradually I realised it was something quite different: to visit Save the Children projects in schools around Cambodia  supported by the Ikea Foundation through the Soft Toy campaign.

Never mind the vacation! I love being with children, and I like travelling, so this will be a great experience!

Since all this happened, I have contacted my fellow co-worker travelers from other stores. There are four of us, guided by a Save the Children organiser. We will fly to Cambodia on 27/05.

Now we have a detailed program of our journey: three schools a day in quite remote areas, and the last day, a visit to Angkor Wat temple complex.

About Cambodia, Wikipedia says:

-fast growing economy (7.7 GDP growth rate)

-95% of population is Buddhist

-government: constitutional monarchy

-steady growth in tourism

-the Angkor Wat temple is on the flag

Can’t wait to see all this with my own eyes!