A very important meeting

I am about to have one of the most important meetings in my life.

Some time ago I was sitting by my desk in our office, occupied with the planning of the most important campaign at IKEA – the soft toy campaign. After planning it for 5 years now, the campaign had become a very familiar element in my daily work. Of course I face new challenges all the time, but more often than not there are few surprises. Then I receive a phone call from IKEA Foundation, asking if I would be interested in visiting one of the soft toy funded projects. Suddenly my involvement in the soft toy campaign became everything but familiar.

I’ve spent hours at my office desk reading stories, looking at pictures, and watching videos from the projects funded by the money raised through the soft toy campaign. But this will be the first time I will actually meet the children and communities that benefit from the work of the IKEA Foundation and UNICEF.

I am very excited about this trip, and perhaps about the first day in particular, which I anticipate to be a burst of impressions, mixed in with a lot of curiosity.