A warm welcome in Madagascar

We started the day with the Presentation at the Madagascar UNICEF Head-quarter, where we were briefed about the Education situation in Madagascar and its influence on the whole population.

The country, which is unfortunately facing huge political and economical struggles, has a big problem to keep the level of Education policy. Therefore UNICEF financially supports, with the IKEA Foundation funds in there, the country’s educational program, in order to enable as many children as possible, to attend school. The statistics shows that only 3 out of 4 kids attend primary school (5 years) and just 3 out of the 10 kids finish school.

At the end of the briefing we surprised the UNICEF staff with soft-toy gifts. We continued to the airport and left to Maroantsetra on North-East side of the island. The 6km bumpy road to the school was a half hour driving challenge for us and the bus.

The students at the Community School Varincohitra were already waiting for us. Together with the parents and community officials prepared us really warm, singing and dancing welcome.

Welcoming us singing and dancing
Welcoming, singing and dancing – by Barbara Favento

We were informed about the building construction and had a great opportunity to talk with the teachers and scholars. That we all understood each other some English, French and Malagasy translations had to be done.

Children in the classroom - by Barbara Favento
Children in the classroom – by Barbara Favento
Reinhard on the blackboard
Reinhard on the blackboard

After we asked the kids, what they want to become later on in their lives, some shy answers popped out. Landy wants to be a doctor, girl behind her wants to be a teacher and boy from the next row wishes to become a policeman.

Landy in the middle - by Barbara Favento
Landy in the middle – by Barbara Favento

As soon as we started to show the photos of themselves on our cameras, the kids became braver and braver and smiled at us.

Robert in the middle of children
Robert in the middle of children

The day, full of new impressions is slowly ending and we are already looking for a second school visit. There will be a boat day tomorrow!