Actor + dancer + forerunner = Teacher

Day three. We were motivated as we headed to the next school. What would the children show us today?

What a great welcome from the children and their teachers! Photo by Barbara Mitchell.

Arriving…surrounded by cheering, laughing and dancing children, parents, grandparents and teachers. We were happy to join the dance and feel part of them.

The library was full of colours and beautiful kids’ paintings hanging from the ceiling, making it feels more personal, more like home.

Tania and her teacher proudly showing us her favourite book. Photo by Barbara Mitchell.

One of the kids, Tania, made a special impression on us. She is 11 years old and already reads perfect Bahasa Indonesian and speaks good English. Tania read us her favourite book and taught us some Bahasa words.

Afterwards we had to draw together our favourite moment from the book. It made us and the students happy and proud that our paintings will hang next to theirs.

Florian drawing his favourite hero from the book. Photo by Barbara Mitchell.

The welcoming ceremony in the second school was led by a girl who sang one very famous traditional Indonesian song, which everybody really enjoyed. One could feel the positive emotions and feelings in the air. Touching.

The teacher was acting like an actress, creating curiosity and tension. Big eyes and smiles—the reactions of the children were heart-warming. What a difference to the traditional teaching method.

What a wonderful and inspiring teacher. Photo by Barbara Mitchell.

Parents and teachers hope that libraries like this will appear in more schools. The interest of the families to send their kids to this school has risen since the positive feedback and outcomes from the library reached them.

Time to say goodbye…everybody rushed into making pictures to capture the special moment. It was the last day. We would really love to have had more time with the children. We left with the hope of seeing them grown up and successful and maybe making libraries for the next generation.

Time to say goodbye. Photo by Barbara Mitchell.
    Sonya Ivanova