Africa’s calling

Here we go. Time is ticking and it is less than 1 week before setting off for da journey.   Africa’s calling.


Being an eyewitness of a project which is bringing money to the children. IKEA Soft Toy Campaign along with UNICEF and Save the Children is supporting an educational system, which helps the children and gives them better start. Great!

Knowledge of destination?

Ethiopia? What Ethiopia? …Very limited.  So far I let the mighty Wikipedia to give me only little insight. It is a conscious decision to keep myself not too informed. This way I will not expect anything and can be only surprised. It is much more fun to learn „out there“. And: Experience does not have to be positive! As long as it is strong.


Mixture of excitement, itchy feet, anxiety (as you do when, before even packing your suitcase you need vaccinations for scary sounding troubles) and loads of question. How do they live? What do they like to do? What are their dreams about? What can we learn from them? What can I share with them? Do they laugh to at the same jokes? Will we be able to understand each other? What would they change, had they be given the opportunity? How is the life with different history, culture, fashion, economy, weather…. you name it.

So Indemin adderachihu and if you want to know more, watch this space!