All we need is love

When looking into the eyes of the children we met throughout our trip it was easy to feel the love and joy we all shared together. It was extremely inspirational to see the children so happy given the individual circumstances they face on a day-to-day basis.

Ryan Aguirre playing with the children from a primary school located just outside Braşov, by Janet VanderLugt

Located near the city of Braşov lies one of the many Roma communities throughout Romania, where people live in extreme poverty with limited resources to basic necessities such as education. The IKEA Foundation has provided this community with funding that not only educates the youth but also provides a sense of hope for the parents of these children.

All parents, regardless of their geographical location, want the best for their children.It was truly amazing to see the parents’ eyes light up with joy when asked about how the programme has helped them and their families. The IKEA Foundation and Save the Children are truly doing remarkable things that will bring lifelong changes for this community, and hopes for a brighter future for all involved.

    Ryan Aquirre