Bandung, a weekend destination with many undisclosed issues

Have you ever heard of Paris Van Java? It is Bandung, a lovely, cold city located two hours away from Jakarta (the capital city of Indonesia). Bandung is known as one of the most beautiful cities in Indonesia, a well-known place in Indonesia for shopping, culinary and hip hangout places. It is a popular weekend destination for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of Jakarta.
But we will experience a different way to enjoy Bandung, along with the IWitness team from Indonesia. This time we do not come for those well-known attractions of Bandung, but we come for something bigger than that, to meet a marginalised community of the city. It is a sad reality knowing that the city known as Paris Van Java still has many children with disabilities who need our attention.

Bandung city scape - by Rimba Patria Perdana
Bandung city scape – by Rimba Patria Perdana

The IKEA Indonesia co-workers who went to Bandung for the IWitness trip are Rimba from Communication and Interior Design; Ririh, a Personal Assistant for a General Manager; Ajo from Online Shopping Sales; Mutia, a Social Media Administrator; Ririn from Public Relations; and myself, Ima Destriana Djati from CR.

Even though we come from different functions, we will do our best to be the greatest IWitness team ever. It will be a great experience to share with all of you through this blog. Just wait for more of our stories!

We are so ready! Each of us has our own responsibilities. Me, Ririh and Mutia are responsible for the writing. Rimba and Ajo are in charge of taking photos of all the activities. And Ririn will help us with all the details during the trip. I’m sure she will prepare a lot of interesting ideas for our team.

“All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go” #singing. Yeah, the day is coming, excitement and nervousness mixed up.

IKEA Indonesia IWitness team with Wiwied Trisnadi, IDEAL Project Manager from Save the Children - by Gita Rinjani, Save the Children
IKEA Indonesia IWitness team with Wiwied Trisnadi, IDEAL Project Manager from Save the Children – by Gita Rinjani, Save the Children

We have reached Bandung, and the first item on the agenda was to go to the Save the Children office, where all the Save the Children team was ready to welcome us. Wiwied, the Project Manager of Save the Children’s IDEAL Project, introduced his team members who are working on the project. Gita, the person in charge for the whole trip, briefed us on the agenda for the next five days in Bandung. Dewi, the person in charge of the Tuesday trip, introduced us to the steps and how to interact with children with disabilities (dos and don’ts). We also met Acung, a bubbly person who will be in charge of a campaign project on Wednesday.

There were two people with disabilities who are also taking part in Save the Children’s IDEAL Project. The first one is Mr. Putu, a team member of Save the Children Indonesia. Mr. Putu is a confident gentleman with a visual impairment. His role is to help children who are having difficulties getting into public school due to their disabilities by coordinating with the local government. He also helps children with disabilities to be accepted in their community by inviting motivational speakers and advocating in the community about the rights of children with disabilities.

The second one is Mr. Jumono, a Paralympic volleyball athlete who uses a wheelchair. He also works as a national radio broadcaster (RRI) for people with disabilities. As a partner of Save the Children, he acts as a motivational speaker in the community. He often uses himself as an example for the children with disabilities to show that they can contribute to society and make a lot of achievements. I am very happy to meet them; I am also very proud of all the team members who treat people with disabilities with the same respect as others.

Putu and Jumono sharing their stories with the team - by Rimba Patria Perdana
Putu and Jumono sharing their stories with the team – by Rimba Patria Perdana

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    Ima Destria