Bumpy roads and friendly people

We left the Hotel in Maroantsera at 7:30am, and had 35km ahead of us to the next school. In the beginning we did not really understand, why we needed all round vehicles and 3 hours planned, to reach our destination. However shortly after departure we experienced the “joy” of one of the 10 worse roads in the world.

Shaken to the bones we reached the Rantabe community, and the whole village had prepared an astonishing welcome for us. Not only the respective village seniors, but also the Chief of the District were there.

Welcoming us
Welcoming us

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When I heard about the new built football ground, I got the idea to have a short, friendly match between the IWitness Group and the students. We didn’t have much chance to win, and we lost with 1:0 for the kids. But it was really fun and the cheering of the 300 viewers made us completely forget the pain of losing the match.

Losing the match
Losing the match

For the school in Madagascar it is really important to have an action plan.The Primary school of Rantohely set the following actions:

1. Access to clean water
2. Renovate or built houses for the teachers in the school or neighborhood
3. Have regular sport classes

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Around 400 kids are attending this school, but there are still quite a few kids, who don´t have this chance. Unfortunately not every family can afford to pay the salaries of the teachers.

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    Philipp Jocham