Wow, now its getting close! I am going to Lithuania and I have pictured the trip so far away and now it is just round the corner.

I can assure you that the butterflies are is starting to fly now.

Being from Sweden the distance to Lithuania is not so far, but still I know very little of the country. I picture it in my head as a lot of flat landscape and big difference in standards of living, depending if you are living in the bigger towns our on the countryside. But I really don’t know what to expect.

What I hope to meet is nice people that can teach me about their country and why they love it, so hopefully I can go home and have a relationship to Lithuania. I also hope to see that the IKEA Foundation together with Save the Children is making a big different in Children’s life so I can learn and tell my colleges, friends and family how we contribute by having the Soft Toys for Education campaign.

Right now I am preparing myself for the trip by doing a lot of practical stuff, you know, like packing the camera, unpack the camera because I am not sure that the it was fully charged, then pack it again and unpack it so I can really make sure it was fully charged, and pack it and unpack… And so it will continue until it is time to go on Monday morning..

I am really happy about getting the chance to be a part of this trip and I will do my very best to tell you all about it!

Talk to you soon!