Dream of my life

I am originally a kindergarten teacher. After ending Teachers’ Training College I was working as a kindergarten teacher for some years. Children’s education, upbringing, developing of their skills was always important for me. I am interested in science of psychology, pedagogy.

In addition, since my childhood I am attracted to African culture and art, but especially music.

One of the big dreams of my life was to get to this amazing continent, and to see with my own eyes the local life and people.

That is why I was glad of the opportunity that can be made from this African trip, to check out the work of UNICEF in Ethiopia.

Not for a minute I thought, I applied immediately.

And finally, last week turned out that I can go to this wonderful journey, I was also fortunate to be a member of this lucky group.

Immediately I began to arrange my visa and got the necessary vaccinations.

Now I’m ready for the adventure that I look forward to.

    Sára Szabó