Embrace Every Moment

When it was announced that I would be travelling to Malawi as an ambassador of IKEA I felt honoured to have the opportunity to visit UNICEF projects, an organization known worldwide for providing a better life to our children. I also feel privileged to be entrusted as a representative of our IKEA family.

Arriving in Canada at a young age, I grew up watching my parents struggle in this new and foreign country in order to provide for us. This upbringing triggered my interest in local charity work starting in my elementary school years. Since I began my IKEA career I have been able to bring my community involvement and passion for children’s causes right into my workplace.

I have always dreamed of volunteering in Africa to truly experience the struggle that many of our people face worldwide. As soon as I had my career established I would pursue my travels and provide first hand help in any way that I was capable of doing so. My career at IKEA is a gift as it lead me not only into a new family full of opportunities but it has helped me grow personally, professionally and is now making my all-time dream come true.

As one of the poorest countries in the world, Malawi’s children suffer a great deal with little access to healthcare withholding them from the future they deserve. Various illnesses throughout the country are life-threatening and I have a heart that is eager to reach out to those who are suffering. I believe my first day in Malawi will bring a new awareness, one that can only be lived and experienced first-hand but I plan to embrace every moment; the food, the clothes, the language, the climate, the culture and most importantly the people.