Emotion, emotion, emotion!

The IKEA Foundation has taken us to China! It’s only the first day and we’re already feeling a million different emotions. We’ve gone from extreme happiness to discomfort in a flash. Positive discomfort, of course! It’s all a question of adaptation and understanding that both the culture and the way of life are very different from what we’re used to. And different is good! It was a long day. A really long day. After thirteen-and-a-half hours’ flying, and the time it took us to get out of the airport, we still had energy left to get to know a little bit of the country we’ll be staying in the next few days. We are in Beijing!

We are at the Great Wall of China! Photo by Margarida Cordeiro from UNICEF Portugal

First stop – the Great Wall of China. None of us are feeling anything. We’re floating outside our bodies. The grandeur of the wall makes you feel too small to feel anything at all. Because we didn’t believe we’d ever be here, we came with no expectations, and that made everything even more magical…

Great Wall of China

We went up by cable car – and what a magnificent ascent – and came down by toboggan, being the adventurers that we are. After lunch, we had time to visit the best-known square. Despite being closed, we were able to understand the importance of Tiananmen for Beijing. And neither the excessive heat nor our tiring journey could stop us from paying a quick visit to one of the IKEA stores and seeing the gardens.

Tiananmen Square

Many hours later, we reached the end of our first day. It was intense, and it flew by. Our journey began yesterday, but the real experience only starts the day after tomorrow!