Everything starts in a backpack

Finally D Day has arrived. We met at the Vaclav Havel airport around lunchtime and we knew from that point that our trip would be just perfect. We arranged an early meeting at the airport so we would have time to get to know each other before we take off.

We are all really excited to go on this trip. We would like to see how our everyday work affects people’s real life, so far away. Also important is the other perspective of how these people could influence our lives. We are very curious and looking forward to experiencing Angola. We would like to know how the Soft Toys for Education campaign donations help these children, and what we can do to make life happier for them.

Follow our trip here, or on Yammer, where we will write blog post every day. We will tell you about the most interesting things we experience on the IWitness mission.

Our journey’s start - photo by Michaela Samiecova
Our journey’s start: Left to right, Dana, Anita, Michaela and Hana – photo by Michaela Samiecova