Expanding horizons

I think that one of the most important things in life is to help and support others. In any way you can – big or small.

On this trip to Indonesia I will meet people who work for an important cause, who spend their time and energy to help others have a better life, and I think this will inspire me a lot.

I will also meet people who need support and that will inspire me to take action, to do something more than I do today.

I am sure that I will get both ideas and energy to use in my professional life and in my private life.

For me it is very important to step out of the comfort zone and meet other realities from time to time. In my work I do so but I have never before engaged myself in this kind of project and I have never visited Indonesia.

So – all in all – I am excited and look very much forward to this trip together with Save the Children and IKEA colleagues.

    Eva Stenstrom