From digital to real

At the first sight, we shared a shy “good morning” but by the end of the day the “goodbyes” were full of emotion.

Three countries, one mission. Picture by Charlie George.

Tuesday 11 September 2018. That day was, for me, the first moment when I realised that I was actually ahead of this amazing trip in Kenya, when things got real. Only 12 days were between us and the kids on the other side of sea and lands.

So we had the opportunity to meet each other, as we were everywhere across France, we were now in the very same room, sharing our feelings, questions, fears, ideas.

In the early morning this day was just like another classic meeting at the office, but the mood turned naturally and got smoother, friendlier.

We learned about each other, about what we will do over there. We got advice from UNICEF, our partner, and shared a good meal together.

A spontaneous group hug. Photo by Yoann Regent.

At the end of the day, we were smiling, laughing and almost… hugging? I guess we did it during the photo shooting but that was not just for posing, the hug came by itself.

The night before, I just couldn’t sleep, I was too afraid of missing my train, but I guess that I was able to live this day thanks to enthusiasm, which brought me energy. When I was going back home, I just felt asleep on my seat.

So prepare your eyes, open your mind and heart, because we are coming, we will bring joy, songs, and most of all, love.

    Charlie George