Giving children dignity through education

I think there is one aspect of Swedish culture that appeals to all cultures around the world, and that is to take good care of children.

When we travelled to Cambodia this year in June, on our arrival in Phnom Phen, we were greeted by Henk van Beers, Development & Program Director for Save the Children. At dinner I asked him a question that had been buzzing in my mind for some time. It was about wealth. How can you measure a minimum standard that will guarantee basic education for children in a poor country? To my great surprise, when he answered he talked about dignity.

He explained how important it is, not only to satisfy material needs, but also to give children dignity through education. What I realised, while talking about education, is that everybody has a point of view on it. No matter where one comes from, he will have his own idea on how to bring up a child.

To donate one euro through the purchase of a Soft Toy for Education is a very significant choice, because it can give children in poor countries the opportunity to go to school and build their own future.

When I got back, many colleagues asked me: “But does the money really go there?”

It does, and it can really make a great difference for many children around the world. I saw it with my own eyes, in Cambodia!

All photos were taken by IKEA Italia co-worker Emanuele Colucci.