Happiness is found in the smile of a child

It has been an intense and unique week; something that will remain etched in our lives forever! With this opportunity we saw how a collaboration and a lot of enthusiasm can help people to live better. Being able to see the children’s smiles, full of joy when you arrive and when you play with them, warms your heart.

Mothers are teaching children to put balls made of recycled
fabric into a jar to encourage motor learning. Photo by Samantha Colugnat.

Being given the opportunity to participate in an IWitness trip was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. It’s been an intense and indescribable day!

We had the opportunity to see a mother’s meeting. This type of education is very important to understand how to manage a pregnancy and how to raise your child in a healthy way and with the right nutrition. It was exciting to see how happy and welcoming they were.

The children were very curious and wanted to meet us and play with us. It was exciting to see their smiles on our arrival and how much chance they have of growing thanks to this programme and these schools.

The children must associate the same images and indicate the one different from the others by means of drawings printed on cardboard. Photo by Samantha Colugnat.

We also had the opportunity to see various types of training for children and parents through the non-formal preschool at the Anganwadi centre and home visit.

It’s incredible to see how the type of education that follows all the child’s growth has been implemented, through good nutrition and various activities that support their overall development. So, the first impression was rough, but when we met the children, it melted my heart. All the smiling faces and waves…they looked so happy!

I’m proud to work for such an amazing company and I can’t emphasise enough what great and important the work the IKEA Foundation and their partners are doing.

IWitness and UNICEF together at a mother’s meeting. Photo by Samantha Colugnat.