Hello Africa!

I feel very lucky, because I’ll go to Ethiophia. When I was a young girl I wished to travel to Africa before the age of 30. Now it seems to me my dream come true. First I want to thank IKEA, IKEA Foundation and UNICEF.

When my colleagues ask me: “Aren’t you afraid?” My answer is: “I’m afraid of the side effets of antimalaria tablets only.”

I’m so excited. I haven’t flown before. Everything is new for me, but I know I would like to help children and change people’s views on Africa. 🙂

I would like to find answers to my questions during my journey. For example: What makes these children happy? What is the greatest help for them? How do they live their everyday lives? What is their dream?

I hope, if somebody reads my blog, he will sometimes laugh at my story and you will too, but then you will think about the end of the story and will appreciate the little things in your own life.

    Anita Pap