Here we go….Don’t forget your passport!!!

It’s hard to know what to say when things haven’t really started happening yet! We’ve had a couple of conference calls with co-workers I can’t wait to meet in Kosovo. We’ve been prepped with an itinerary in order to get an idea what we’re about to experience and offered the chance to ask questions, but I don’t think many of us know quite what to ask! I’m quite sure everyone else is just as honoured and excited as I am about the chance we’re being given & the responsibility we have to share with our friends at work, our families & hopefully our customers.

By Jennifer Clowes

What we do know is that on April 11th, we will embark upon an incredible, life-changing journey. We’ll visit 12 different schools, community centres and organiziations that support the success of children in an area of ethnic segregation. We’ll meet the families along with the educators and therapists who these children are fortunate to have in their lives. And we’ll meet with children who are going to change the world because of that support.

I’ve been a parent now for 12 years and when my kids were born, I realized that things can be hard. We’re very fortunate to live where we do with the means that we have but things can still be really challenging. Reading doesn’t come naturally for all children, mobility is difficult for some children and some children have difficulties with language, speech and hearing. But every child needs to be given the opportunity to be successful.

So while we’re visiting, taking notes & photos and making video diaries, we’ll be thinking about how the sale of a soft toy can change a child’s life.
Stay posted, I know we’ll soon have lots to share!