I had a dream…

When I was 7-8 years old and watched children´s programs, it was always a weekly program that dealt with children in other countries. You got to know a child from Africa and see how their lives were.

They were very poor and could not see much of anything. They had a few goats or cows and lived in huts they built out of clay. You followed them in school – if there were any, when they cooked the little they had or when they had to go long distances to fetch water that was not really clean enough to drink.

I NEVER missed those programs. My biggest dream was to go there and see how it was for real and what I could do to help. I was not sure how but it was something I wanted to do and I remember thinking that ONE day I`ll get there. In January, Johan our department head told me that I`ve won the contest and asked me if I wanted to go to Madagascar.


It felt completely surreal and I thought I would burst with joy. Now that dream has come true and the day is almost here. I am so incredibly happy, happy and grateful about the opportunity to participate and experience this fantastic journey. Now I will see how I can help and what I can pass on when I get home so that everybody can do more. Thanks so much that my dream had a chance to be something more than just a dream.