I lend you my eyes and give my heart

During the Soft Toys for Education campaign you arrive at the IKEA store and it is full of colours. Soft toys make you feel kindness, happiness, hopefulness; alive. And even though they are always in our product range, at this time of year they are everywhere!!

Each one of us supports the cause in our own way, for this reason we do not let Christmas go by without buying a soft toy or encouraging a customer to do so too. But do we really think about what is behind the purchase of one GOSIP, one KLAPPAR or one TORVA?

There is a big programme that gathers the possibility to dream, the likelihood to grow, a FUTURE.

In one week, seven colleagues and I from IKEA Spain are going to see and feel these dreams. We are going to be filled with hope. It will be such a unforgettable experience that the importance of our work of helping children around the world will be branded in our hearts and minds forever.

IKEA Spain - co-workers eyes
IKEA Spain - co-workers eyes

By blogging about this trip we take on the responsibility to allow you to see and feel what we saw and felt. What a big challenge! Our eyes will be your eyes, but we can already predict that our heart will stay with the children in China.

We invite you to join us, please follow this blog.