I wonder if…

A few days before our special journey I have thousand questions on my mind. What we will see? In what conditions do the children and their families live? Will they like us? And so on…So am I ready? The truth is that we received the agenda and all the trip information that we need (big thanks to Shanti, Carolina, Diana and Cristina), and we should know what to expect. But deep in my heart, I have mixed feelings. I am excited and worried at the same time.

So maybe I am not completely ready, but I have open mind. Everything is possible there, and we will deal with situation when it comes. That is life.

The good thing is that I am not travelling alone. My two colleagues, Sanja (yes, you read that right, one more SanjaJ) and Ines are also packing their things and will go with me. I am so happy to have these two colleagues on board. They are very enthusiastic, dedicated and optimistic. Also, our colleagues from the USA (I look forward to meeting them soonJ) will join us in Romania, so I am sure that our special journey will be unforgettable.

Where?  To Romania

Who?  Sanja, Ines and Sanja

Why?  To bring a story about what the IKEA Foundation is doing, and how it is creating a better everyday life for the many people.

When?  20-24.3.2017

What?   IWitness programme  (Projects from Save the Children in Romania supported through the Soft Toys for Education campaign)

That’s what we look like.
From right to left: Sanja Tišljarić, Ines Tržan and Sanja Šušnjara, photo by Petra Cerković, IKEA Croatia

What Ines says:

About me…

I started to work in IKEA 10 years ago. Currently I am responsible for sustainability and commercial activities in the IKEA Belgrade store. Apart from work, which I love, at home I enjoy time with my husband and our huge pet dog. My passions are bowling, fishing and knitting X-mas patterns…

Why did I apply?

I believe that everyone can offer helping hand and if I give a good example, someone will follow for sure.

My expectations…

I want to see the needs and dreams of kids, and to help fulfill them.

Ines and clowns. Photo by By I Trzan, IKEA Belgrade.

What Sanja T. says:

About me…

I have been working in the children’s department for the last two and a half  years. In private, I am a wife and the mother of three lovely boys. Since last year, we have had a charming little dog living with us, named Riko. I enjoy spending my free time with my family.

Why did I apply?

I believe that every child on Earth deserves a good start in safe environment.

My expectations…

I want to share stories and photos about Roma children in Romania with my colleagues so that we can continue to make the world a better place.

Sanja and toys. Photo by Petra Cerkovic, IKEA Croatia.

What we bring with us?

Smiles (a lot of them), hearts full of love, and colours because they make the world more beautiful!

What you can do with colours. Photo by Martina Mađar, IKEA Croatia.

Every journey is special in its own way. But this journey is even more special because we have a mission: to bring stories, photography and true emotions from this IWitness trip to our colleagues, so they can say: “Now we know what the IKEA Foundation is doing, and why it is so important!”

Follow us on our journey and read our stories on this blog and on Yammer here.

I hope so you will like it because we will give our best, that’s for sure.

    Sanja Susnjara