I’m one of the lucky five!

It’s a human adventure that starts from the moment I’m told that I’ve been selected as an IWitness ambassador for IKEA France. It’s with immense happiness and pleasure that I’m here to tell you more about my adventure…

Our first Skype meeting! Photo by Donia Haddou.

All gets real in my head and I have so many questions! We get a lot of communication: meetings, Skype calls, emails, WhatsApp chats, and discussion on our internal social media Yammer. It all goes so fast!

To be fully ready for our mission we have a lot of things to do ahead of the trip. It all starts with getting our flight tickets to Nairobi. At this moment I start to realise that it’s getting real!

We receive weekly updates from our IWitness co-ordinator Yoann and everything is planned to make us feel ready for the big day. It all goes so fast!

Once we’re through with the visa request and the necessary vaccine shots, we start to have more insights into the programme and our mission, thanks to our first Skype meeting with the IKEA Foundation.

We’re family already—the five IWitness ambassadors. Photo by Yoann Regent

The departure day is coming closer and after virtual meetings and chats we finally are going to all meet physically…
Tuesday, 11 September. Paris city centre: a team is born!

So much chemistry; a natural bond between us! We all have different personalities but what unites us is a common goal: be the best possible IWitness ambassadors and give light to the support being done for the people who need it the most. It all goes so fast!

Now it’s only a couple of days until we’re taking off for Nairobi. I am so looking forward to this incredible journey and I can’t wait to experience these unique moments with the children! It all goes so fast…but I’m going to make the most of it, so that it doesn’t go too fast! 🙂

    Donia Haddou