IMS Co-Workers- Lithuania Here We Come!

Lynn Gregory from IMS (Indirect Material Services) UK, Gisela Exler from IMS Sweden and Katie Brown from IMS North America are on an adventure to Lithuania! A couple of us have met on one or two occasions, but overall this will be a new experience to share as IKEA co-workers. We have been emailing back and forth to each other, also to the IKEA Foundation with lots of questions about the program and what we need to do in preparation for the trip. We all have our own personal reasons why we want to be part of the experience and have exchanged them freely. It’s obvious over email, we are all so excited to learn how Save the Children can improve the lives of the children living in institutional care in Lithuania. We are also in agreement this will be an emotional journey for all, so we plan on bringing quite a few tissues with us. Many of us have been told this will be a life altering experience, so we are willingly embracing it. Thank You IKEA for giving us the opportunity to be part of making a difference in the Children’s lives in Lithuania through Save the Children.

    Lynn Gregory