Increasing values

‘All I want to do when I come home is see their smile when I look into my little boys’ eyes’

I know this is a sentiment shared by parents around the world. Yet millions of children whose parents love them as much as I love my children don’t get the chance to grow up happy, healthy, protected and educated. Many are getting sick and dying every day because they lack access to safe water and sanitation services. Many have to work hard every single day in order to contribute to their family. Education is for many a dream and luxury.

Injustice is something which I react against by nature. I can simply not stand it, but there are cases of injustice where I as a person am powerless. But if I could then join an iWitness programme of the company I have worked for many years, to witness what this company is doing to take away or decrease this injustice, I would feel very privileged to spread that message afterwards.

There are charity programmes in Belgium where I contribute because I think it is my task to do so. And to be part of a charity programme is something I see as almost unreachable but I would love to do it if I ever get the chance. Joining the iWitness programme is close. It is not me organising it – it is IKEA, the IKEA Foundation and Save the Children – but it will give me a sense of fulfilment to see what our Soft Toys for Education campaign is doing. It will give me even more values to base my education towards my children, increasing values for me as a person.

    Tiny Smets