Initial thoughts from the group

From left to right: Clare Rodgers , Iain Neal, John Collinson , Hiliary Jenkins (Save the Children), Moira Saunders
From left to right: Clare Rodgers, Iain Neal, John Collinson, Hiliary Jenkins (Save the Children), Moira Saunders

Iain Neal: “I feel incredibly honoured to work for an organisation that really strives to deliver to our vision of creating a better everyday life for the many people. We are going to visit some of the many people in Myanmar who’s needs are not home furnishing but protection, education and access to basic essentials. I am extremely excited and passionate about fulfilling my role as an ambassador, and i’m really looking forward to the week ahead”

John Collinson: “Initially, I am in shock after meeting everyone; we are all extremely excited and there is a realisation of the importance of doing a good job once we reach Yangon. I am honoured to be representing my IKEA colleagues back home”

Moira Saunders: “There is a real passion in this group of ambassadors. Insightful questions, excitement and interest were flowing – and that was just over coffee in the airport. Really looking forward to spending the next week getting to know new friends and witnessing some of the great work we are doing in Myanmar”

Lisa McNiven: “From meeting a lovely man on the plane who is from Indonesia, I have already gained some insight into their way of life. 1) You dont know what is around the corner to make the most of everything, 2) Appreciate everything you have and everyone you meet in life and 3) Be thankful and share your kindness with others. I believe everything happens for a reason and although this is not going to be an easy journey, I have my amazing IKEA co-workers to support me through it”

Clare Rodgers: “So privileged to spend 6 days with such a diverse and passionate group to share our pride in working for such an amazing company…. the beginning of the week feels a bit surreal … looking forward to getting to know the people and work here.”

Hilary Jenkins: “Overall I feel very excited already. The group has come together and there seems to be a real energy and friendship between us. I believe in the work Save the Children are doing so much and I feel privileged to be with a group from the UK to see firsthand the work that we are doing”

    Clare Rodgers