Introducing programmes from Save the Children Cambodia

IKEA co-workers from North America will be visiting projects from Save the Children in Cambodia. Read the introduction blog below, written by Sarang Out, Education Program Manager from Save the Children, based in Cambodia.

Writer of the blog Sarang Out Education Program Manager

In a land where resources are scarce and the necessities of life are hard to come by, Cambodia’s rural provinces often lag behind the blinding progress of the capital, Phnom Penh.
With around 41% of the population under the age of 18 and over 80% of the population living in rural areas, Cambodia’s future depends on all children having equal opportunities to a safe and quality basic education and the prospect of a successful, long life. Save the Children aims to seek out the most vulnerable and impoverished communities and help provide the resources and tools to create a level playing field for every child.

In school project photo from Save the Children in Cambodia
In school project photo from Save the Children in Cambodia

With the support of the IKEA Foundation, we are working with schools in remote Pursat province to help the most vulnerable children—especially children with disabilities and those from the poorest families—to access and succeed in school. We help schools prepare personal support plans to enable the most marginalised children to come to school. This includes making sure children with disabilities receive the support they need.

We ensure that all our target schools have a child-friendly and quality learning environment, so that children can get as much benefit as possible from their education and never have to be scared of violence or bullying in the classroom. We also support school management committees and local authorities so that they have the knowledge, tools and resources they need to identify and support the most marginalised children. Working together, we will do whatever it takes to ensure every child has a good start in life.