Introducing the Swedish co-workers going to Mozambique

We are Hanna and Thérése, two Swedish girls who have been working at IKEA since the opening process of the store in Borlänge in August 2013, mainly in the Kitchen and Bedroom departments. Both of us love to work with other people and are so pleased that we have been selected to go to this trip in Mozambique. We are looking forward to meeting our colleagues from other countries and to witnessing our cooperation with UNICEF.

Humanitarian work is something that we both care very much about, and the expectations are to share our experiences through pictures, movies and blogging. During our trip to Mozambique, we will see life in reality, and we hope that it will inspire us and others to work on humanitarian issues all around the world.

IKEA makes a different to the many people, and we are proud to represent IKEA Borlänge.

    Hanna Widell