IWitness Canada visits the UNHCR Jordan mission!

Dave and Ryan on the plane to Jordan - by Ryan
Dave and Ryan on the plane to Jordan – by Ryan

This week, Dave White and Ryan Strauss from Canada are off to Amman, Jordan, to learn more about the role that the IKEA Foundation has in the life of Syrian refugees living in Jordan.

Dave White lives in Vancouver, BC, and works at IKEA Coquitlam as a Kitchens and Dining Shopkeeper, and Ryan Strauss lives in Burlington, ON, and works at the IKEA Canada Service Office as an HRMS Project Specialist.

Together, they will be visiting Syrian refugees living in urban Amman, outside of the protection of the camps, as well as refugees living inside the Zaatari and Azraq UNHCR refugee camps.

Surprising to us, the majority (84%) of Jordan’s some 620,000 registered Syrian refugees live outside the country’s main refugee camps of Zaatari and Azraq. As the conflict in Syria enters its fourth year, the situation for many refugees is increasingly dire as savings and other resources become gradually depleted.

We will be discovering how the Brighter Lives for Refugees campaign and the IKEA Foundation make a difference in the lives of all these refugees. For those refugees living inside the Azraq camp, we know already that there is no electricity, and that many live with the light provided by the solar streetlights and portal solar lights provided by the IKEA Foundation.

We look forward to sharing our adventure with you and hope that you follow along!