Kosovo connection final reflections

Before I left on my trip to Kosovo as an IWitness Global Citizen, I really did not know what to expect or what I was going to see. All I knew about the country was from the news and on TV during the war. During conflicts, the most vulnerable children are always the most affected. In Kosovo, the total destruction and closures of schools was a heavy toll for society along with the violation of children’s rights.


Putting all this into perspective, reflecting on my experience and what I was exposed to, knowing more about the realities of Kosovo, I have a deeper appreciation for the work that is currently taking place, work that is made possible through the donations and support of the IKEA Foundation, IKEA co-workers and IKEA customers. It all makes perfect sense now knowing why the IKEA Foundation has partnered with Save the Children in providing a better quality education. Realizing that Kosovo has the youngest population in Europe, estimated to be over 50% of the total population, and knowing its future is heavily dependent on the success of this current young generation, one can understand the necessity to safeguard the opportunity for a quality education that will allow each child the opportunity to develop and grow.


    Rocio Reyes