We started Sunday with a typical breakfast for Kunming, which contains spicy noodle soup and steamed buns. In the Netherlands, I always start my day with a cup of coffee to wake up, but if you start your day with this spicy meal, you will be awake immediately! I bought some macaroons for Angela’s birthday. Later we took a cab to Bamboo Temple. After that moment, I realised that I was in China. This temple proved to me that all the traditional thoughts I had about China were true. All those colours, gold, dragons, scents and, of course, monks gave me a great holy feeling.



After our holy experience, we visited the Green Lake Park. It is a beautiful green park in the center of Kunming. With several little lakes and nice spots to hang out and enjoy the views. It was very crowded with locals and, since we represent IKEA Netherlands, with tall bodies, blue eyes and blonde hair, all those people were staring at us. Even some of them took pictures and made selfies with us, like we were famous or something.


We also had lunch at the Green Lake Park and some of the expedition members have some difficulties with the food, so we ordered fresh fruit salads. When they were served, we discovered that this fresh fruit was covered by mayonnaise! Weirdest combination ever! I asked one of the Chinese colleagues of Save the Children if this was usual and it was not. Maybe it was because we were from Holland, she said.

Next to the Green Lake, we went to Yuantong Temple with a nice canal around it. This canal was full of turtles. Monks also lived here and the atmosphere was really joyful. A lot of visitors and prayers and of course all the decoration and candles.


We found a really nice restaurant in the Lonely Planet chapter on Kunming, with a lot of traditional food of Kunming. Kunming is known by the spiciness of her food and we can promise that it was really spicy although it was delicious! After dinner, some colleagues and I went out together, to end our stay in Kunming.

It was really cosy and interesting, since we got to know each other more and more, because everybody is from a different store or office. Tomorrow we will meet our Chinese colleagues of Save the Children at their office and we will travel together to Weishan. We are really curious about it, because we will enter the countryside of China!