Learning about Kosovo’s past to understand its future!

Our IWitness team is visiting Save the Children projects in Kosovo this week. To kick off this series of blog posts, Ylber Kusari from Save the Children Canada talks about the special way the group started their trip.

By Ylber Kusari:

I was beyond thrilled when I received the news I would be accompanying IKEA co-workers on an IWitness trip to my home country of Kosovo.

We started our first day with an introduction to Kosovo by going to Prizren, a historic city in the south. For the IKEA co-workers to understand the contemporary reality of Kosovo and the work Save the Children is doing through the support of IKEA Foundation, it’s essential that they first understand the country’s history.

Prizren Castle Prizren - by Valid Zhubi
Prizren Castle Prizren – by Valid Zhubi

We climbed up a hill carrying our IKEA Foundation backpacks to visit a historic castle from the fifth century, while sharing stories of Kosovo’s evolution as a young country carving an identity in the global arena, and its implications on the education system.

Standing at the top of a hill, surrounded by ancient ruins under a clear blue sky, I realized how committed and passionate the IKEA co-workers are in making a difference through their workplace. Listening to their stories about fundraising for the Soft Toys for Education campaign and their desire to go on the trip was truly inspiring. I realized that the IKEA Foundation is giving its co-workers an opportunity to fulfill their personal legacy by getting involved through their workplace.

Prizren Castle Kosovo - by Laura Cerqueira
Prizren Castle Kosovo – by Laura Cerqueira

As an employee of Save the Children, I felt humbled and grateful that we have the fortune of working with IKEA here in Kosovo. Together we can make the future brighter for the children here in Kosovo and worldwide. I look forward to leading the group on an inspirational and meaningful journey over the next five days!

    Juli Riegler