Learning and playing together in Gjakova

Today, Thursday, we visited Ganimete Terbeshi pre-school in Gjakova. When we arrived, we were greeted by Gazmend Hoxha, the pre-school director, and Yllka Komoni, who works as a support teacher. They gave us an introduction and then we got to meet three different groups of children.

Kristoffer from IKEA and Valid from Save the Children in Kosovo drawing with the children, who had lots of question about what life is like in Sweden. Photo: Linn Pettersson.

We painted together with the kids, sang songs and played. The school works with inclusive education, including children with disabilities, children from minority groups and other children in the same groups. The institution works with more than 1,000 children in its seven buildings across the Municipality of Gjakova. We visited the main building where 120 children attend daily; 12 of them have some sort of disability.

Yllka is telling Linn E about how the institution works. Yllka works as a support teacher, assisting both teachers and children in their day-to-day work. Photo: Linn Pettersson.
The children invited us to play games. When playing together, it doesn’t matter that you speak different languages. Photo: Valid Zhubi.

In the afternoon, we visited the community based rehabilitation centre Handikos, which is supported by Save the Children in Kosovo. We joined a supplementary lesson and got to see how they combine practical and theoretical methods to facilitate learning.

When we visited the community based rehabilitation centre, they were having a maths lesson. They were counting balls and practising colours. An example of how the centre combines theory and practice in the lessons. Photo: Linn Pettersson.