Let all children grow up happily under the sunshine

Children are the most important asset in the world. Every child deserves to be educated but, in reality, not everyone gets to enjoy it.

A simple seal game can quickly shorten the distance between IWitness ambassadors and children. Picture by Vivian Cheng.

As an IKEA IWitness ambassador to Yunnan, I was able to see for myself how Save the Children promotes inclusive education.

Can you imagine children with hearing problems or ADHD receiving the same teaching together with other students in the same class? I couldn’t before I saw it for myself. If I were not told by the teacher in advance, I wouldn’t have noticed that there were three children with special needs in the class, including those with learning disabilities.

During the IWitness trip, I was very moved. The direct interaction we had with the children, and my own observations, made me realize that from fellow classmates to teachers and parents, no one was discriminating against the children who have disabilities. Instead, all of them work with the teacher to help, support and embrace these children. That is real inclusion. I believe Save the Children, the schools, teachers and parents must have made unimaginable efforts to achieve such success.

I would like to thank the IKEA Foundation for making donations to help children in the world through its Good Cause campaigns, allowing all children to grow up happily in the sunshine.

Children, diagnosed with ADHD, receive the same quality of education. They learn with other students together. Picture by Vivian Cheng.
Every child deserves to have such a warm smile. Picture by Vivian Cheng.
    Vivian Cheng