Love learning and enjoy playing

The first day led us to the TK N. Pembina National Kindergarten that received consultancy advice, financial support and teacher training from UNICEF from 2013 to 2015. This has enabled the kindergarten to deliver holistic early childhood development (ECD) services including health, nutrition, stimulation and child protection. The Pembina National Kindergarten is a government-run “model-kindergarten”. Many local governments visit and copy the ideas they find here.

The kindergarten doesn’t lack trophies for great achievements. Picture by Christian Mollerus.

Both girls and boys (50/50) find a completely safe environment for three and a half hours a day, five days a week. Irrespective of their religion they are playing and acting in small classes of around 25 kids. On Monday, the week starts always with a flag ceremony; the other days are reserved for play and sports.

During our visit, the “day-opening-ceremony” took place. It was very active, fun and full of energetic exercises. 130 kids from the close surroundings of the kindergarten enjoy the chance to develop by playing – for free!. Picture by Christian Mollerus.
At the end, we had the opportunity to paint T-shirts with the kids. By Christian Mollerus.
We had lots of fun. Look at me 🙂 Picture by Steffen Gumpfer.

The teachers are really nice and friendly and the kindergarten is very clean and well-maintained. All of us said that we could imagine being one of the happy children here!

The kids may help themselves to food. This way they learn to share and control their own appetite. Picture by Christian Mollerus.