Madgascar – The adventure of my life, in more than one way?

Hi!  My name is Victoria and I think I am on my way towards the adventure of my life. I am going to visit Madagarscar together with UNICEF and IKEA Foundation.

I am not really sure on how I ended up here. I work as a Sales Leader for Children’s IKEA in the Swedish service offiice in Helsingborg. One of my tasks is to coordinate the annual soft toy campaign, the campaign when IKEA globally gives away 1 euro for every soft toy sold during a certain time.

Life is about competition, right? And in this case, the more we sell the more we give. So,for some years now, the store in Sweden that manages to sell the most amount of soft toys (in comparision with themselves and the size of the store…believe me…creating rules for competitions like this is NOT easy. It is always unfair. :)) wins a fieldtrip together with UNICEF, to see where our donations go.

This year we got the opportunity to send some people from the Service Office as well, and can you imagine my answer when Eva called me late one Friday night in February and asked, “Do you want to go to Madagascar?”

Well…YES. So I am going to Madagascar!

As I wrote in the headline, I think this will be the adventure of my life in more than one way. The first one is very easy to see. It is an adventure to go to Madagascar. My first thought was this movie, with the animated animals. 🙂 The second one was about the fantastic nature that we will see, all the animals that only are in Madagascar. Meeting a so totally different culture compared to the Swedish one I am used to.

But from another perspective I hope this will change me. I try not to take everything for granted in my life. I try to be thankful for being raised in Sweden with all the opportunities that come with that. But. I think I will do that even more after this trip. I don’t think we can imagine how life is for families and especially children who are much much less fortune than us. And I hope that it will change my way of how I look upon things here in Sweden. I also hope that I will find ways of doing more to help than I do today. And to find ways to inspire people to do the same. And that is what I mean it’s an adventure of my life in more than one way.