Meet the five IWitness Ambassadors joining the IKEA Foundation 10 year Anniversary Event

The IKEA Foundation has been creating a better everyday life for the many people for over a decade! On 6 June, five ambassadors from across IKEA will come together with our partners to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the IKEA Foundation.

We can’t wait to share the journeys that brought us to this point—our past accomplishments, present efforts and a very exciting future ahead. As a group, we will ask ourselves: What IF?

“What IF all children could look forward to a bright future?”

Get to know the five ambassadors who will represent IKEA co-workers across the globe at this amazing event.

Rachel Novak joined IKEA over 22 years ago, working in many roles including Retail, North American Services, Customer Support Center and now Global Shared Services. In 2015 she participated in an IWitness trip with Save the Children in Kosovo, which enriched her life and increased her passion tenfold. Rachel is thrilled to be representing IKEA, a company that shares her values for People and the Planet.

Sajid Hussain is part of the Bedrooms team at IKEA Leeds in the UK, and has worked for IKEA for the past 20 years. In 2014, he participated in an IWitness trip to Cambodia, an experience he found eye-opening and humbling. He is so proud to be working for an organisation that has strong ethical values and promotes sustainability, and is excited to share his experience at the IKEA Foundation 10th anniversary with you.

Jennifer Hughes has been a proud member of the IKEA Canada team since 2010 with a passion for people, sustainability, and communications. She looks forward to representing IKEA co-workers across the globe at the IKEA Foundation 10th anniversary celebration and sharing more about its new strategic direction. Her desire to improve the lives of vulnerable children was reignited during her IWitness trip to Indonesia in 2018, where she saw the impact of the Save the Children inclusive education projects funded by the IKEA Foundation. She now wants to share her experiences and advocate for education as a basic human right.

Devon Balent works on the IKEA USA social media team and is excited about this opportunity. He finds it inspiring to see all the life-changing things the IKEA Foundation does throughout the world. Through a series of videos, Devon plans to capture the historical significance of this event for the many IKEA co-workers and beyond.

Chiara Buonvino is an enthusiastic and passionate IKEA Italy co-worker. People, design, architecture and good stories are things that make her happy, and she considers herself a very privileged person because she finds all these things together working in a meaningful company like IKEA.

    Ryan Strauss