Mother’s Day In Lithuania!

I will be arriving in Lithuania on Sunday May 12, which is Mother’s Day here in America. While, I am extremely excited to visit the Save the Children Program in Lithuania, I am also sad to leave behind my two kids on such an important day to us. I wonder if there is a place where I can get my expected Mother’s Day gift of a massage and pedicure in Vilnius? I will miss my own kids greatly, but I also realize that I will have the unique opportunity to spend time with children who are also missing their own families by living in institutional care. I have been researching Lithuania and their culture and I am looking forward to experiencing it in person. I am more than excited to learn about Save the Children’s influence over programs that can help educate the children and look for alternatives to institutional living. I plan of taking lots of pictures, writing a daily journal and sharing my experience with my co-workers back home. I can also guarantee I will be giving both my kids HUGE hugs and kisses when I return and plan on sharing my experience with them at their school assembly in June.

Katie Brown


    Kate Brown