My very first trip to Lithuania

For my very first trip to Lithuania I will be in company with Save the children, not what I ever imagined but it is even better then I imagined!

Do I know anything about this country? I can quickly sum up and say “No”. I do not know more than this, they are member of the European Union and I know that Vilnius and Kaunas are 2 big cities in the country but this is where my knowledge about Lithuania stops.

For me it is beyond amazing that I as an IKEA co-worker get the chance to visit and see projects that are supported by the Soft Toys for Education campaign. Some years back I have hoped that I will be one of the lucky ones, that gets this chance and now the chance is there. Next week I will be on my way.

I only know Save the Children, Red Cross and UNICEF projects from ads on TV, where we can see poor conditions for children and families. And personally I give a monthly contribution to different projects in Asia, where I was born. So for me I think it will be a good trip to visit children’s day care centres in Lithuania that is “so close” to where I lived all my life, in Sweden.”