My video diary from Geneva

I visited Geneva with the IKEA Foundation where we met our partners UNHCR and UNICEF and took part in NANSEN award ceremony. The Nansen award is given annuallyby the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in recognition of outstanding service to the cause of refugees. This year Somali humanitarian, educator and women´s right advocate Hawa Aden Mohamed has been honoured for her extraordinary service on behalf of refugees and the internally displaced people in Somalia.

During our visit we met a lot of interesting people who let us know about their work and explained how important our cooperation is, how the IKEA Foundation is helping millions of people who are in a very bad life situation, how we, in every single IKEA store, can help and spread our vision – to help people create better everyday life.

I worked with UNHCR to make a short video from this trip to capture the most important moments – it was not so easy but all impressions and experiences from this trip will stay in my heart and mind!

[video src=”″ width=”480″ height=”360″]


    Jana Hrubcova