Nansen Refugee Awards 2014

We arrived to Bâtiment des Forces motrices in Geneva, a beautiful building that had been a water turbine We started the night mingling and meeting people from all over the world.

The awards is the 60th Nansen Refugee Award and started out with music and pictures showing a sad and hopeless situation, and during the awards and the presentations and music changed, the pictures and the atmosphere to hopeful.

At the award venue 2

The Award winner was Butterflies from Colombia, they are a community initiative to prevent and respond to violence against women, and in particular sexual violence.

The High Commissioner Antonio Guterres spoke to and about the butterflies saying that “protection is what the Butteflies does”

The standing ovation when the butterflies got there award made goose bumps all over.

And remember, Never go to sleep with out a dream – Butterflies!

photo 2

    IKEA Haparanda