Not just a place on a map

Each time I pass the PREMIÄR world map in our store I can’t help but take a moment, stare at Southeast Asia and the many islands that form Indonesia, and smile. It is an unfamiliar part of the world for me, so the opportunity to experience the culture and interact with its people–especially its most important people, children–is exciting!

Indonesia is likely an obscure country for many Americans and I anticipate sharing this IKEA Foundation and Save the Children journey with as many coworkers and friends as I can.

It might be easy to be cynical about funding of programs a world away from the United States. Even the most well-intended and regarded charitable campaigns can be easy to overlook when they feel so “foreign.” That’s why it is so impressive that IKEA and IKEA Foundation empower coworkers to observe and participate in social sustainability through first-hand trips. Bringing back authentic perspectives only adds to the power of our commitments such as the Soft Toys for Education campaign.

As I embark on this adventure, I challenge myself to absorb as much as possible and return with honest enthusiasm about the difference our dedication to the education of children makes. My experiences with IKEA Foundation and Save the Children in Indonesia will hopefully be palpable for all at IKEA West Chester! Whenever a coworker or visitor passes that PREMIÄR map, I want them to smile with the knowledge that “for the many people” includes our energetic participation in the upcoming Soft Toys for Education campaign on behalf of children globally.

    Doug Johnson