Notes from Africa – Prague’s preparation

Four days to go to my biggest adventure in my traveling life (in my life as a traveller).

Africa, Ethiopia – so far away. My fear is going hand in hand with excitement from new and something totally different.

Last week I attended last vaccination – this is other thing I was very afraid of but all went well and I’m ready to explore secrets of unknown. Still many things to buy and manage: antimalarials, repellents, etc. I’ve done my new passport in time. And visa we have also got without problems.

Step by step we were filled by information such as where and when we are going, where we are staying. Petra and me were browsing for some pictures of places which we will see in few days time. All around me are saying “you must take pictures as much as possible!!!”

Bunch of seven people is going to meet at the airport in Frankfurt. This will be first task for us. Two of them are coming from Budapest, and 5 are coming together from Prague. I have never been to such a big airport and will be quite nervous about long flight so I’m curious whether with these elements we will find our colleagues from Hungary 🙂