Nothing is simple with me

We started our trip to Ethiopia with very disappointing news. Our Czech and Slovak colleagues were not able to join us because of a mix-up with passports. I would like to send a message to Czech and Slovak colleagues before I start to tell our stories. We are very sorry that you can’t be here now. We try to document everything objectively. I promise to you. 🙁 Furthermore we would like to thank Petra Cempirkova, who organized the trip, very much for her work and help for what she did for our trip.

On Saturday we flew to Ethiopia. It was my first flight.

Africa from a plane window
Our first view of Africa

The check-in wasn’t easy. After we finished check-in, there only remained a short time before the flight. I went to the ladies room with Sara. “What would happen if I forget my documents here?” I joked. Time was up. We had to hurry.

When I arrived at the gate, I didn’t find my passport, boarding pass etc. I was panicking and threw contents of the bag on the bench. I ran back to the toilet and I was looking for my papers. It was time to get on the plane. I ran back to my team, Judy and Sara were looking for my papers in backpack. I tried to get information, where can I find lost things, but then Sara cried: I found it! The whole time, my passport and ticket were in my case 🙂

Me, Sara and Judit on the airport bus
Me, Sara and Judit on the airport bus

We arrived late in Frankfurt, so had to run so we reach another plane, but we didn’t know what part of the airport, and where we should go.

Finally we reached the plane and everyone arrived in Addis Ababa, luckily.

I’m going to shower and sleep, because tomorrow we will go sightseeing,

Good night everyone. 🙂

Welcome to Ethiopia
Sara and me
    Anita Pap