Ode to a magnificent father

If there’s a day, a day in which you could fulfil your dream,
would you choose to improve your own life or to create a better life for your children?

Imagine yourself, for a moment, walking in the shoes of Jean Damascene Sindihokubwabo, from Karongi District in Rwanda.

Imagine you are 36 years old, welcoming your first child. You and your wife are extremely hopeful and excited in welcoming this new life, wishing to provide him with a wholesome, vibrant home. But you must be anxious, as you have no support from your families. Your parents passed away, leaving nothing in this world for you to depend on.

You work exceptionally hard, 16 hours a day, six days a week, just to make this home a dependable and loving sanctuary. You have technical skills in farming and three pieces of land. Then one day you join One Acre Fund, hoping it will become the backbone of your family. It teaches you how to farm effectively for a better harvest, giving you a secure income for your children’s futures.

You never thought you’d ever have this opportunity, so you work day and night, using the money you’ve earned to invest in more land, so you can have a more successful harvest to provide for your family and create a legacy.

Jean Damascene Sindihokubwabo with his wife Angelique Irankunda and their children. Photo by Joy Tai.

Ten years pass and you are now a father of four. You started with three pieces of land and now you have eight. Yet you never reward yourself because to you, nothing is more important than your children’s futures.

If, one day, someone asks you what you would to do if you have more money, you would undoubtedly say: “I would create a better life for my children.”

    Michael Chiu