On the way home

On the last day in Mozambique, we had a chance to meet with the Provincial Director of Education and Culture of Tete. He was attending an education planning meeting in Tete, and we met him during a break. He was interested in what we had seen and felt during field trips. We told him that we were impressed with the increased number of water points that we had seen and that they were also helping communities around schools. Also, the multidisciplinary teams work to integrate communities as well as on health and education issues. He expressed his view about how all aspects—like infrastructure, nutrition, water and health—all support each other and need each other to work. Also he pointed out how teaching and enabling good hygiene in schools spreads the learnings to villages where children live and it supports decrease in diseases.

Lavatories and filling up handwash bucket in Esco
Lavatory and filling up handwashing bucket in Escola Primária Completo de Nhalicune – By Liisa Kaltia

Our journey in Mozambique is coming to an end. In the afternoon, we packed our bags and had a flight from Tete to Maputo—and many, many hours later eventually to Finland. We had four intensive days full of programme visits and lots of thing to see. Hours of driving that were good times for conversations. Visiting schools and meetings with different officials regarding school and education. And enthusiastic children with a joy for life, learning and games.

Satu and first contact - By Liisa Kaltia
Satu and first contact – By Liisa Kaltia

We have seen lots of stories of successful projects and heard about future goals. The journey opened our eyes to UNICEF’s work and daily challenges in Mozambique. Also to the importance of the work for schools and children that the IKEA Foundation is funding. Nevertheless, the most inspiring parts of our journey were the meetings with children. A chance to participate in their games and activities and IWitness many joyful and sometimes shy performances. This journey will surely stay in our memories for a long time.

IWitness with Silja Nurkkala and Gabriel
IWitness with Silja Nurkkala and Gabriel

A big thank you for a successful journey goes to UNICEF Mozambique and their help with everything. Very big support before and during the trip we got from UNICEF Finland’s Aino Sarkia who accompanied us the whole trip. Thank you also, IKEA Foundation, for enabling us to have a chance to see what great work really is being supported by our Good Cause campaigns in stores around the world. And thank you, Mozambique!

Finnish IWitness team
Adrian Breu – Kuopio store
Harto Junkkala – Raisio store
Kaisa Takalammi – Tampere store
Liisa Kaltia – Vantaa store
Satu Läntinen – Espoo store

    Satu Läntinen